Book by #MOI

Sharing my book with you…

Sharing my book with you…Where is My Angel? #Book by Badiaa Hiresh #MOI

Once upon a time, a child was born. Between the different events, that #child learned that the #end in sight is more important than the #beginning. 

My #story is not unique, maybe the sequence happening to one person is. I am every #woman, every story behind closed doors, every #marriage, and every company. 

This is the story of a woman born in Lebanon with an international view on life. After losing her mother at birth, being exiled to the States and experiencing family leaving her life, Badiaa developed an #inner_strength that has allowed her to cope with events that would have broken someone less strong. Take Badiaaโ€™s journey with her and discover truths about yourself and inspiration to take through your own life. 

At the end, #Fate came with her birth, but she knew that #Destiny was in her own hands!
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3 thoughts on “Sharing my book with you…

  1. Each Heart has its own secrets….and Heart knows the truth…. and its ways in choosing what is best … for the welfare of one’s feelings, soul inspiration and love motivation… … even to the extent of changing one’s priorities… in order to live with Love … and Love with Passion…


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