Book by #MOI

what makes you that woman…

“When you start seeing yourself among a crowd…
When you start hearing yourself during silence…
When you start living your life while your soul is locked behind bars…
When you start feeling alive while feeling invisible…
When you walk tall, and with pride…
You become that woman, everyone envy and is want to be like!”

Where is My Angel?Β #Book by #MOI & I became that woman!

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11 thoughts on “what makes you that woman…

  1. I thought the ending was very clever with the hashtag MOI, nice read and those adjectives are also for men to become real men too. Actually making a more complete human being.
    Nice post and nice blog, looking forward to exploring more.

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    1. Charlypriest thank you for your comment, hope you get read the book, it reflects the true relationship between men and women and the little gaps that make it a success or break it!
      Anyways stay connected for more!

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